When to Expect an Ultrasound During Pregnancy

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Getting an inside glimpse of your unborn baby is simple thanks to ultrasound technology. Although this form of radiology edison nj gives you an inside glimpse of that sweet little human being that you created before the end of the nine months, it is a procedure that is used to ensure baby is growing properly and that there are no health issues of concern. So, when the doc orders an ultrasound, it is exciting for you because it’s a sneak peek of baby, and enjoyment to the doctor who confirms your little bundle of joy is healthy.

A Look at the Ultrasound

Ultrasounds are offered to moms at various intervals of their pregnancy. The doctor will schedule the ultrasound appointments and you will need to refrain from eating prior to the appointment for the ultrasound. The first ultrasound is usually between 6 to 10 weeks of gestation. This ultrasound simply confirms the due date and age of the fetus. A second ultrasound is ordered by the physician at about 20 weeks of pregnancy. You’re halfway there at 20 weeks and this ultrasound will identify the sex of baby, unless he or she doesn’t want to reveal that information and plays hide and seek. The 20-week ultrasound simply ensures that baby is growing healthy and is free of abnormalities. Additional ultrasounds and testing may be necessary if problems are suspected.

A Safe Glimpse of Baby

The ultrasound is safe and causes no harm to the mom or the unborn baby. Instead, the test makes it possible for you to have a healthy baby in nine months and avoid complications in the process. Plus, the sonographer offers a keepsake printout of the ultrasound and your baby and many even allow video recordings onto a special keepsake disk.